“If you learn from your mistake it becomes a lesson; if you don’t, it will remain a mistake.”


“If you learn from your mistake it becomes a lesson; if you don’t, it will remain a mistake.”


“If you learn from your mistake it becomes a lesson; if you don’t, it will remain a mistake.”

That motto is exactly why the big challenges in life make me so excited: having been through many ups and downs in both my professional and personal life, the knowledge that we can better ourselves through how we handle challenges is integral to how I conduct my business

Losing it all and building it back up again—both professionally and personally— reaffirmed to me that my role in life is to help other business owners analyze their life hurdles in order to make effective choices that strengthen their brand and, in turn, strengthen the quality of their personal life. To me, there is no failure in business: there are only mistakes that you don’t learn from

People often ask me, “Gavin, what is success to you?” The answer is simple: success is helping others by sharing what I learn and teaching them to never be afraid to ask questions or make mistakes. It’s reminding my clients that we’re all human and that we are all constantly improving on ourselves both personally and professionally, because that’s the only road to long-term growth. When running into a roadblock for success, my motto is, “A) We are going to figure out how to avoid this challenge in the future, and B) since we’re in the situation now, we’re going to ensure that we leave it having learned something that’s going to benefit us in the future

Tackling the big challenges in life has always excited me. That, combined with the empathy that I inherited from my late mother and her teachings, has made me into the consultant that I am today; offering what I have learnt through my life experiences to help others is my passion

Through my coaching services I have not only educated and guided business owners through the process of strategizing effectively, but also how to apply lessons learned through hardship to their brand’s growth. When being a business owner feels like being caught in the eye of the hurricane, I am the stabilizer that my clients need to rest and refocus. Having gone through tribulations myself—first through bankruptcy and then through the passing of my mother— I empathize with business owners on a personal level and don’t beat around the bush. As my client, your hurdles are my hurdles, and my mission is to overcome them together


Gavin is patient, attentive and a naturally calming influence on what has been a fairly hectic transitional period for my company. I often call Gavin overwhelmed and needing direction. Without fail he is able to listen to my problem or situation and logically help me prioritize, simplify and put a plan together, which immediately makes sense and usually open doors. Consistently professional, hardworking and loyal to his clients, I recommend Gavin to anyone looking to grow or diversify their business. An all-around great guy, and truly passionate about helping others succeed. Thanks for everything so far Gavin!

I am most delighted to provide this testimonial for Gavin Henderson-Peal in his capacity as a business coach and personal mentor. I have known Gavin since 2012. Gavin is in the business of making a serious difference. Gavin mentored me through a difficult phase in my life in 2013 and 2014 and his results driven approach made a massive difference. Ga has many years of business experience and coaching expertise, and has strategies that work. Gavin is a high achiever and motivated, and desires this for his clients. Gavin has a sense of humour, an infectious personality and a real pleasure to have on you team. The communication, the thoughtfulness, the personalization, and the strong skills Gavin demonstrated make him truly outstanding. I would recommend Gavin’s service in a heartbeat and wish Gavin continued success in his business. Thank you so much Gavin, you are awesome.

Rock Solid Cleaning has had the pleasure of working Gavin and GR Consulting for the past couple of years. Gavin has brought a very professional and business-like approach to the projects we have been involved in. We are looking forward to having a long and prosperous relationship with GR Consulting and Gavin. Thanks for everything Gavin!

Gavin is an excellent business coach and passionate about his work. He has supported and helped me through many bumpy years of being a young entrepreneur. He is quick with solutions and always has sound advice. I have never been let down by a business connection he has sent my way either. He has helped me clean up my book keeping, increase my social media marketing and decrease my overhead. I feel like all owner can learn from experience and Gavin is a well of business experience. I would highly recommend his consultation to any new business owner or someone wanting to step up their current business.

Deciding to start a business is never an easy task, and as a ‘solopreneur’ I felt overwhelmed by hat I had to do to bring my business idea from the drawing board to reality. Gavin was able to create a step by step plan that simplified the process of being a business owner. Everything from the incorporation, marketing strategies and the day to day operation of my business was taken care of by Gavin and his staff.

If you’re struggling to overcome a common professional hurdle, chances are I have too—and if my business can rise from bankruptcy to become a trusted consultancy on Vancouver Island, I can guarantee that, together, we can overcome your hurdles and shape your business into what you’ve always dreamed it to be as well.