Tackling the big challenges in life has always excited me. That, combined with the empathy that I inherited from my late mother and her teachings, has made me into the consultant that I am today. Whether it be working with local finance coaches, CEOs, kinesiologists, or other brands under the wide umbrella of industries I have contracted with, I set myself apart from other consultants through my personal experiences as a business owner.

If you’re struggling to overcome a common professional hurdle, chances are I have too—and if my business can rise from bankruptcy to become a trusted consultancy on Vancouver Island, I can guarantee that, together, we can overcome your hurdles and shape your business into what you’ve always dreamed it to be as well.





No dollar buys you time with the people you love. Losing it all and building it back up again—both professionally and personally— reaffirmed to me that my role in life is to help other business owners analyze their life hurdles in order to make effective choices that strengthen their brand and, in turn, strengthen the quality of their personal life. To me, there is no failure in business: there are only mistakes that you don’t learn from.







Gavin is patient, attentive and a naturally calming influence on what has been a fairly hectic transitional period for my company. I often call Gavin overwhelmed and needing direction. Without fail he is able to listen to my problem or situation and logically help me prioritise, simplify and put a plan together, which immediately makes sense and usually opens doors. Consistently professional, hardworking and loyal to his clients, I recommend Gavin to anyone looking to grow, streamline or diversify their business. An all round great guy, and truly passionate about helping others succeed. Thanks for everything so far Gavin!
Rehab & Performance
Director & Coach
I am most delighted to provide this testimonial for Gavin Henderson-Peal in his capacity as a business coach and personal mentor. I have known Gavin since 2012. Gavin is in the business of making a serious difference. Gavin mentored me through a difficult phase in my life in 2013 and 2014 and his results driven approach made a massive difference. Gavin has many years of business experience and coaching expertise, and has strategies that work. Gavin is a high achiever and motivated, and desires this too for his clients. Gavin has a sense of humor, an infectious personality and a real pleasure to have on your team. The communication, the thoughtfulness, the personalization, and the strong skills Gavin demonstrated make him truly outstanding. I would recommend Gavin's services in a heartbeat and wish Gavin continued success in his business. Thank you so much Gavin, you are awesome.
Finance Instructor / Money Coach
Rock Solid Detailing has had the pleasure of working with Gavin and GR Consulting for the past couple of years. Gavin has brought a very professional and business like approach to the projects we have been involved in. We are looking forward to having a long and prosperous relationship with GR Consulting and Gavin. Thanks for everything Gavin!
President & CEO
Rock Solid Detailing