“Life is Like a Mathematical equation; you are always adding and subtracting, looking for the answer”


“Life is Like a Mathematical equation; you are always adding and subtracting, looking for the answer”

“Coaches are trained to empower the client to make their own decisions. Experienced coaches know how to ask the right questions to help motivate the client to come up with their own solutions so they feel empowered to move forward in their life or business on their own terms. Consultants are hired to give advice in their field. Both can help you grow tremendously.” -Kerissa Kuis, executive coach at The University of Wellness

The first step to running your ideal business is to envision it: to get from where you are now to where you want to be, clarity at every step is integral—and is often something business owners struggle with. As a business owner and coach of 15+ years, there was a time in my life where I had to rebuild everything from scratch— both personally and professionally. Now I help other business owners grow, learn, and, most importantly, thrive in their business through my one-on-one coaching services.

There are a range of benefits to working with a coach

Analyzing what could be bettered within your business. Whether it be finances, structure, or direction, I hone in on what the “leaky bucket” of your business is and work with you towards creating actionable steps to patch them.

Re-balancing your life. I had to learn the value of work-life balance the hard way, but you don’t have to. With me, you’ll receive tried-and-true guidance when it comes to balancing your personal and professional wants and needs.

Sustaining your energy in order to skyrocket your sales. Even the best of us can become burnt-out if we don’t properly manage our energy; I help entrepreneurs just like you set strategies that save them from burnout while supercharging their financial potential.

By guiding you through the clarification process of your business’s strategy and goals, I’ll give you not only the tools to realize that vision but also equip you with the clarity to keep your business successful in the long run

“Consultants diagnose a problem and make a recommendation. From there, they take the client somewhere based on what they believe is best. Coaches do not diagnose problems; rather, they partner with clients to determine the biggest questions they want to explore and create an experience for the client to arrive at their own answers, based on what the client believes will work best. As a consultant I speak as an authority about the job market, search, and recruiting.” -Sharma Graham, co-founder of M.A.D.E to Lead

Modern business problems require modern business solutions. As a business owner and consultant of 15+ years, I have worked with businesses just like yours to provide tried-and-true resolutions for some of their toughest challenges.

There are many benefits you can expect to receive from working with a business consultant

Saving time and money long-term. Unlike coaching, which works to guide business owners towards long-term solutions and realizations, consulting services with Henderson-Peal provide you with concrete marketing best practices, financial solutions, staffing advice, and more to resolve short-term problems as they come. The result? More time and money in your pocket.

The advantage of an objective eye. As a business owner myself, there was a point in time where I had to rebuild my life from the bottom-up. Now, I expertly diagnose problem areas within businesses to help them avoid those same mistakes when they themselves are too close to the issue to see it clearly.

Direct your energy to the areas of your business that need it most. With a consultant, those hours spent pouring over hurdles disappear… meaning that you can now direct your energy towards being more present and profitable. (Not to mention actually enjoying your down-time!)

My business consulting services orbit around business development, operations, planning, project funding, branding, marketing, management, and sales consulting. Regardless of whether you’re just starting your business or have been in your industry for years and are looking to revamp your processes, I offer all you need to make your business stronger than ever before.

Build a Robust Foundation

The process of forming your company can involve a variety of startup costs. Whether your wish to make your company a registered corporation and/or create minute books, corporate binders, shareholder agreements, or share certificates, our consultants will help you set up your business in a cost-effective manner.